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Our Online Membership Application

We are delighted to know of your interest in joining the National Council of Women's Organizations (NCWO). Full voting membership in the Council is open to an organization which accepts its premises and priorities and which fits the necessary organizational criteria designed to affirm the Council's focus and nonpartisan nature. Non-voting Individual Supporting Membership is open to an individual who supports the NCWO Policy Agenda and agrees to the NCWO Membership Agreement Statement below. Please complete all applicable information in the form and submit your application. Please Note: Required fields are marked " * ".

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Please enter the name and contact information for yourself if you are applying for Individual Supporting Membership or, if your are applying for an organization, of the person who would be responsible for maintaining your organization's membership and contact information:
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Applicant Declarations
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We are a women's organization with its own board of directors and leaders representing a national constituency and perspective.
We are an organization composed predominately of women and whose broad purpose includes promoting public policy and legislative strategies affecting women.
We are NOT an organization whose primary purpose is to elect candidates from a single party.
I am an individual who supports the NCWO Policy Agenda.

Statement of Agreement

Organizations and individual supporters who belong to the Council subscribe to the core policies listed in the NCWO Policy Agenda. While not all members work actively in all of these concerns, all do agree not to work in opposition to them.

I hereby state that I have read the NCWO Policy Agenda and agree to uphold the terms and conditions as a member of the Council.

Approval Process

Applications for membership are considered at meetings of the NCWO Steering Committee. We will contact you as soon as your application has been considered.